About the book

Figure It OutDo I have to learn this? But why? Am I ever going to use this?  What is school trying to teach me? How do I learn? And why learn at all?

Learning is something you do all your life. Yet, it does not have to be a chore.  If you pay attention, you can learn more effectively—by thinking in different ways and connecting the dots, you can create a beautiful picture of your world.

Subjects in school are just lines in the sand, overlapping to create different fields. In our daily lives, there are many unexpected patterns which we tend to overlook. When you take the time to look at these patterns, you can see unlimited possibilities.

This book offers many questions for you to think about and ponder. It is not a workbook, so don’t limit yourself to the space provided for each question. Instead, use space wherever you can—anywhere—to free your mind. In time, hopefully, you will reach the same conclusion I did: Learning brings great joy.

I wrote this book  for curious kids in Grades 4-6.